5MW/10MW/20MW/30MW/50MW Optical Fiber Laser Source/VFL Visual Fault Locator/Fiber Optic Cable Tester


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Brand Name: FASO

Certification: CE/ISO9001/RoHS

Origin: CN(Origin)

Type: 5mW-5KM 10mW-10KM 20mW-20KM 30mW-30KM 50mW-50KM

The visual fault locator is now one of the most commonly used fiber optic testing devices to trace optical fibers, check fiber continuity and find faults such as breaks, bad splices and tight, sharp bends in fiber optic cable. The most popular visual fault locators are pen shape VFL and hand-held VFL, which are showed in the following picture respectively. Whether install new fiber links or troubleshooting an existing network, the faster you can locate a problem, the faster you can fix it. To locate the faults in fiber optic cables in a short time, various fiber optic testers are being invited to locate the faults of the fiber optic cable, like OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer). However, OTDR has dead zone during the testing. Another simple and useful tester which can work in an OTDR dead zone is usually being used to work as an accessory of OTDR. It is known as VFL (visual fault locator) which can also work alone to locate the faults in fiber optic cable in a time saving manner in some situations

Bright red laser at 650nm.

Pulsed and CW operation.

Standard AA alkaline batteries.

Fast locate the broken point.

Rugged and waterproof design.

2.5mm universal connector.


VFL is very easy to use. The steps to use a VFL are provided as following:

Step One: remove the plastic connector covers from both ends of the test fiber cable.

Step Two: connect the fiber optic visual fault locator one end of the fiber. Press the tester button and observe that light emanates from the other end of the fiber. This gives a simple indication of the continuity of the fiber link.

Step Three: repeat with several other fibers. Check for light that can be seen leaking from a faulty splice. This may illustrate an easy way of carrying out visual fault finding on bad splices or joints.

Step Four: disconnect all equipment, put the plastic covers back on the connector ends and return everything to the state it was in before you started the practical so that the next group can carry out the practical in full.




Output Power*


Dynamic Distance**



650nm ± 20nm

Operation Mode

Pulsed(2Hz) and CW


2.5mm UPP(or customize 1.25mm UPP)


175mm * 26mm * 26mm



1. Tested by FOD1205H 650nm optical power meter

2. Human eyes Min. sensitivity -120dBm, and 10dB/km loss of 650nm in fiber

Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China

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